Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway (SC Hwy. 11)


Looming majestically beyond the low, soft hills of the Piedmont, the southernmost peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains follow the highway.  It provides a scenic alternative to driving the Interstate. Extending from I-85 near the N.C. border to I-85 at the Georgia line, this route allows the traveler to experience magnificent views and to visit many attractions along the way.

Once known as "Keowee Path" or "Cherokee Path," this 112-mile road was the route used by the Cherokees, the English and French fur traders. The scenic highway winds its way through South Carolina's northwest corner and passes through quaint villages and parks. Echoes of the area's Cherokee heritage can still be heard in places and river names like Seneca, Keowee, Jocassee, Toxaway, Eastatoe, and Tokeena.

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