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Relocation to Upcountry South Carolina

When you say Upcountry South Carolina, most people think country music, fried chicken and college football. Unless you’ve been here. After one trip to the area, you’ll realize that the Upcountry has a lot more to offer than the Southern stereotypes suggest. Like world-class dining, championship golf, Broadway productions, world-renowned companies, diverse cultures, higher education, and a state-of-the-art healthcare system. All without the traffic and frustrations of the bigger cities.

Before the Upcountry became a progressive gem along the I-85 corridor, it was an area with a longstanding history in textiles and agriculture. But as times changed, the Upcountry changed. And now its economy is driven by international corporations like BMW, Michelin, Fuji, Fluor and Milliken, and dynamic research centers focused on new technologies in the fields of automotive development, advanced materials and genetics.

Along with this economic progress, the Upcountry found cultural awareness, too. Whether it’s Shakespeare in the Park or Jazz on the Square, there’s a lot more to the nightlife than just line dancing and mechanical bull riding. And when dinner time approaches, the options are endless. With almost 100 upscale dining options, Upcountry South Carolina is a foodie’s dream.

As Upcountry South Carolina has grown, it has been careful not to outgrow itself. A pro-business climate, downtown redevelopment initiatives and proper planning have all helped shape the cities and towns of the region. As a result, Upcountry residents enjoy an affordable cost of living without sacrificing convenience or location.

The Upcountry has been recognized as one of the best places in the U.S. to retire because of its moderate climate, low cost of living and variety of amenities. There are several housing options for retirees, including independent living, assisted living with varying levels of care, continuing care communities, and more than 50 privately-owned retirement communities.

As Upcountry South Carolina continues to grow, it leaves an impact on almost everyone who visits. As you learn more about the region, you’ll see why so many people say, “I was blown away.”

Info provided by www.iwasblownaway.com